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Exceptional team, superb cleaning, accredited results

We provide industry leading commercial premise and office cleaning across London and the South East; offering a full range of services including contract cleaning, industrial cleaning and janitorial services. Starting as a small company operating in the City of London, we have achieved rapid growth across the UK, to operate in other major cities such as Basingstoke, Reading and Bristol. Our director, William Rodriquez has been pivotal in our growth and has led us to become a pioneering company in the sector, achieving a vast client base from small start-up offices to multinational companies and public sector clients.

Our staff are passionate about the environment and we have dedicated ourselves to a CSR policy that is consistent throughout our brand. Only using biodegradable and carbon free products, we have also trained our staff to deliver an exceptional service whilst considering the environment; for example using less water, and sourcing energy efficient equipment.

We pride ourselves on the standard of cleaning and customer service that we deliver and our professional staff that makes us stand out from our competitors.

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