Environmental Policies | Aurora Proclean

As part of the Business Environment group of companies we have a strong environment policy.

Read our Group Environment Policy.



We ensure our use of paper products is done in a managed way. All our paper products are sourced from Finland, under the following Forestry law:

  • For each cut tree, 4 new ones are planted and 10-20 new plants are grown naturally.
  • Planting is the forest owner(s) obligation.
  • Replanting must be done within 3-5 years of the felling.

Aurora has taken part in tree planting initiatives in the UK since 2010.



In 2012 we launched “The Binless Office” in partnership with one of our long term clients. We already recycle around 80% of the clients waste but to go further we have introduced recycling points in their offices to encourage increased recycling amongst their customers. This process has increased their total reduction in landfill and has saved the equivalent of one football pitch of rubbish going to landfill in the UK.

Aurora will be rolling this initiative out to other clients to promote increased recycling awareness.