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One of the key challenges we face is ensuring washroom facilities are cleaned and maintained every hour of every day. Aurora chose to partner with Mayflower because of their outstanding credentials and because they chose their suppliers with as much care as we do at Aurora Pro Clean.

Mayflower manufacturers carry the highest of environmental accreditations to include The Nordic Swan, The European Flower, ISO9001 and ISO14001 and many more. All of their paper products are from sustainable, managed forestry. Their chemical ranges include a full environmental range; full recycled Polythene products are standard.

Mayflower transport initiatives include the introduction of duel fuelled vehicles and the trialling of full electric vehicles to support our carbon emissions programme. Vehicle tracking and route planning also form part of the same initiative.

To compliment these innovative on-going programmes is their unique approach to service delivery. 25% of the Mayflower fleet have been specially fitted to allowing them to deliver all services on a single vehicle; They now are able to offer clients the combined benefit of reductions in site visits while reducing emissions further.





We use only environmentally sound paper products. Last year alone we used over 27,000 toilet rolls in one of our London locations alone. It’s important that the paper is sourced from managed sources.

Metsä Tissue supports forest certification systems based on independent third-party verification, and 100% of the company’s primary fibre pulp suppliers are chain-of-custody certified.

The proportion of certified pulp supplied to Metsä Tissue by their pulp manufacturers currently stands at 63%. Working in cooperation with suppliers, the target is to increase this figure to 80% within five years.

All of their mills will hold a PEFC chain-of-custody certificates as proof that they adhere to our wood origin management system, and in addition, three mills are also FSC chain-of-custody certified.



Through our partnership working with Mayflower we support greener transportation methods. We use trains/waterways wherever possible to ship from the mill to our destinations.

UK local Shipping is done by Charles Gee, which was first paper distribution company to go "green" with gas powered vehicles. They have over 130 years of paper industry experience, and distributes in excess of 1 Million tonnes of forest products per annum.