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Case studies

At Aurora Pro Clean we think it’s important to deliver best practice in all that we do and with all our clients. To demonstrate our approach we have outlined the following case studies showcasing some of our newest clients.



The key to gaining and maintaining a high profile cleaning contract does not start on the first day of the contract, it starts much earlier in the process, in fact as far as Aurora Pro Clean are concerned it starts at the first meeting with the prospective client.

The following case study shows how we created a relationship which eventually allowed us to deliver a high spec, multi-faceted service, to one of the U.K.’s leading and award winning Serviced Office Providers with locations all over London and The south of England.

We were originally approached as one of only three companies who by our client’s appraisal had the capacity within our business to offer the service and standards required to participate in a tender for the cleaning of one of its most prestigious sites in London.

On our first meeting it became obvious that this client was looking for innovation as well as high standards, as a less than satisfactory earlier tender had left the current cleaning in disarray. However due to length of service and restricted working hours our new client did not know how to manage the situation.

We decided once we had seen and surveyed the site that there was potential to re-organise the cleaning, if we looked at the site as if it were new and therefore had no current cleaning structure.

This would give us a blank canvas to work with and once we had the right cleaning system worked out for the building we could then look at how to implement this system - using the various internal departments of our company to make any transition as straight forward as possible.

Once we knew our objectives and had spoken to the relevant internal departments to ensure our ideas would work, we then set about constructing a simple cost comparison that incorporated everything including all the relevant cost issues that would occur in achieving our ultimate goal.

With the addition of other relevant information - such as the management structure, training schedules and audits - our tender was ready.

The initial feedback was positive - the client stated that our recommended proposal was “just what we are looking for” and that the fresh new ideas and implementation of day time staff as well a structured night cleaning would address the current issues on site.

This response included an invitation to present our proposal to the client’s board of Directors for further appraisal. Again our approach was unique - we thoroughly researched the company and made direct comparisons between their work ethic and principles - and our own.

Our presentation was warmly received. However the client did ask for time scales to introduce our cleaning structure, which meant heavy involvement from our HR department and operational set up team, but as a result of earlier discussions a four week implementation plan was ready to go.

Within 24 hours of the presentation we had been awarded the contract.

A week later the first staff consultations were taking place. These were complex meetings but the benefit of an experienced HR Department resulted in the structure being in place four weeks later – as promised.

With the correct resources in place – as promised from the outset - this site is now running more effectively. We have since gone on to win the cleaning contract for this client’s entire property portfolio.

This short overview shows that there can be as much work required in gaining and implementing a new cleaning service as there is involvement in running it once awarded.

We have shown that through strong family and business values as well as a positive work ethic Aurora Pro Clean has the structures to successfully develop and maintain new business.


In March 2012 we tendered for the cleaning provision offering a wide range of additional FM services to a very busy Investment Banking company in London.

The original brief was for each of the required services to be bespoke to the client’s requirements.

It was imperative to provide the most competitive and environmentally advantageous proposal possible for the site, which would encompass compliance with ISO14001. This was not a problem as we always aim to research and supply the latest environmentally friendly products available.

Once our proposal had been agreed in principal the next challenge was in managing the transition of cleaning staff. We endeavored to introduce modifications to the shift patterns and working arrangements by working closely with our client making sure we adhered to their requirements and keeping within their budget and time frame.

Our commitment to our client is driven by the operations team who ensure that contracts are fully compliant. Monthly audits are pre-arranged and completed along with regular communication between ourselves and our client. We also regularly communicate with the cleaning team which is key to our successful partnership and developing our future business. This also incorporates regular training to NVQ standards, provided by our operations personnel and Health and Safety Officer. Input from our SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental) department was imperative on this site due to the high risk areas. Risk assessments have been completed and issued onto site, this provision included a high visibility corporate uniform to be worn by our cleaning operatives working throughout the site.

Once the contract had been successfully set up our work did not stop there. We are constantly looking at ways of consolidating suppliers and streamlining our client’s requirements and expenditure.

This bespoke approach to each of our clients is what we like to think separates us from our competition.