7 simple ways to make your office greener

7 simple ways to make your office greener

7 simple ways to make your office greener

There are plenty of benefits to a business in going green. You can cut costs by saving energy, improve the image of your company, and even boost the morale of your employees by demonstrating that you're as environmentally conscious as they are.

Nonetheless, many organisations continue to overlook some of the simplest and most cost-effective ways they can establish an eco-friendly office environment. Going green needn't break the bank, and with a few of the same steps you'd take in the home, you can make your business more efficient, more attractive to staff and customers, and better for the planet.

Here are seven of those steps - which ones have you implemented?

1. Switch off and save power

Most offices today are packed with electronic equipment and electrical appliances, and these can consume enormous amounts of electricity. Switch your PCs, printers, photocopiers and other mains-powered hardware off at the end of the day, and you may be able to save substantially on your energy bill.

2. Cut excess paperwork

Far from getting closer and closer to the 1960s vision of the paperless office, organisations are actually outputting more paper waste today than they were five years ago, according to a recent study by Business Waste. Even if your company depends on large volumes of paperwork to operate, there's no excuse for excessive printing. Encourage your workers to think before they generate hard copies of documents.

3. Recycle your rubbish

For the waste you do produce, be sure to recycle. Almost two-thirds of waste paper in the UK is thought to end up in landfill sites, despite the relative simplicity of sorting documents from general rubbish in an office environment.

4. Make use of natural light

Spring is upon us and the days are getting longer, so there's no excuse to keep the blinds drawn and rely on electricity to keep your office lit up. Let natural light into your workplace whenever possible, switching to energy-saving bulbs when the nights draw in.

5. Encourage greener transport

Don't limit your green thinking to the confines of your office - consider how your employees actually get to your premises, and whether car-sharing and cycle to work schemes might make a difference to their carbon footprint.

6. Get your workers engaged

If you want any of the steps you take to establish an eco-friendly office to stick, it's important to ensure that the workforce is genuinely engaged in the project. Try not to come across as tyrannical or patronising to your employees - listen to their ideas and don't be afraid to incentivise them to join in.

7. Use green business partners

Finally, don't undermine your own green credentials by working with partners and suppliers whose environmental track record is substandard. Choose an eco-friendly cleaning company like Aurora Pro Clean and be equally prudent with all of your contractors.


Posted by William Rodriguez

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