4 ways to make your small business greener

4 ways to make your small business greener

4 ways to make your small business greener

Most small business owners have a lot on their plates. Being responsible for turning a profit, for delivering long-term growth, for having every employee working towards a common set of objectives - it's a demanding, not to mention time-consuming, position for an individual to be in.

As such, it makes sense that less immediate business goals have to be deprioritised. Often, this includes things like going green. Sure, it'd be great to install solar panels on the roof of your office - it's just not going to happen if you intend to pay your personnel, too.

However, there are still dozens of simple steps that a small business owner can take to make their premises - and business as a whole - more environmentally friendly and sustainable from the get-go. And by adopting this ethos now, they'll be laying the groundwork for a reputation as a caring and conscientious company in the future.

Here are four ways you can make your small business greener.

1. Educate your employees

Start by getting your employees to take responsibility for the little things: turning off electric lights when not in use, printing only when necessary, using recycling bins for waste paper and plastic, and so on. Before you know it, you'll have developed a working culture where caring for the environment comes naturally - and it might even save you money on your bills.

2. Set up a carpooling scheme

Even if you've only got a few members of staff at the moment, it's worth checking if you can save them on their transport costs - and help to protect the environment into the bargain - with a carpooling scheme.

3. Buy green office supplies

Just about every kind of consumable you need to keep your business running - paper, printer ink, pens, cleaning supplies - can be bought in environmentally friendly form. Think recycled paper, for example, or low-impact cleaning chemicals.

4. Go paperless

If you're just starting up as a business, you've got an invaluable opportunity to create a company with an ingrained culture of paperless working. Store and share all of your business documents in the cloud, communicate with customers over the internet, and empower your employees to work on smartphones and tablets rather than taking notes while out and about.

You'll cut costs, help to protect the environment, and might even gain a competitive advantage over your older and slower rivals.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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