How much money could efficient lighting save your company?

How much money could efficient lighting save your company?

How much money could efficient lighting save your company?

When it comes to business running costs, there are numerous places you can make savings. However, you may not realise just how much money changing your lighting could save you.

No matter what industry your business works in, the lights need to stay on, which can use a lot of power. Even if employees are good are turning the lights off at the end of the day, leaving them on at all times still wracks up the power bill, especially during the darker winter months.

However, there are ways to reduce your lighting bills and make your business more sustainable. Here are some solutions that could help your company save money without keeping your employees in the dark:

Switch to LEDs

One of the simplest ways to cut your lighting bills is to switch to LED bulbs. Even if you make use of low-energy halogen bulbs currently, you can still make big savings by turning to LEDs instead.

This form of lighting is more efficient due to the fact that they do not lose as much energy in the form of heat when compared to halogen or traditional incandescent bulbs. The bulbs remain much cooler while still giving off a high quality of light.

In fact, you now have more choice when it comes to LED bulbs, allowing you to tailor the type of light you opt for to the needs of your business. Rather than just the bright, blue light associated with traditional LEDs, you can now have a warmer yellow one that is less harsh and better suited to office environments.

Smart lighting

While it is easy to request that staff members turn lights out if a room is vacant, this can be difficult to enforce and people are likely to forget, which can ramp up your costs. Although flicking a switch isn't hard, on a busy day, you may find that lights get left on constantly when they aren't needed.

This is why smart lighting could be the best option, as you can install a motion activated system that allows the lights to turn themselves off when no one is in the room. Installing light sensors that pick up on movement will ensure no one gets left in the dark but help to reduce energy usage.

You can also set timers so that the lights turn off for the night at a certain time, meaning that it doesn't matter as much if staff forget to flip the switch on their way out. This will stop lights being left on overnight, which can really impact your electricity bills.

Replace old lighting systems

If your lighting is quite old, the system is unlikely to be as efficient as newer options. This means that rather than just switching your bulbs, you may want a totally new lighting system installed.

While this is going to come with a higher cost, it will ultimately pay for itself through the savings you make on lighting. It will also improve safety in your business, as older lighting systems are more likely to develop faults.


Posted by William Rodriguez

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