Workers 'want clean and simple offices'

Workers 'want clean and simple offices'

Workers 'want clean and simple offices'

Major corporations like Google and Capital One have attracted attention for their innovative approaches to keeping staff happy and motivated, but are their unusual workplace provisions really necessary, or effective?

Google's headquarters features basketball courts, slides and other grown-up play equipment for the tech giant's employees to enjoy in their downtime, while Capital One has installed sleeping pods where people can get some rest during the day.

These are certainly interesting strategies, but research has suggested many workers think they are unnecessary.

In a survey of over 1,000 UK office employees by CartridgePeople.com, just seven per cent of respondents - about one in every 14 - said they would like sleeping areas in their ideal office. Only eight per cent thought the perfect working environment should have features like slides or basketball courts.

Similarly, just eight per cent of workers had any interest in social media-themed additions to their workplace, such as the selfie booths introduced by fashion retailer Missguided.

Instead, the typical office employee appears to be much more interested in simple, unpretentious provisions that add to the comfort and convenience of the office space.

Nearly half (49 per cent) of respondents to the survey said they wanted windows that open to let in fresh air during the day, while 44 per cent appreciated having separate eating areas, where they can have a bite to eat in a relaxing, social space. The third most popular provision was plants and greenery to cleanse the air, with 40 per cent of office workers saying this was important.

Office managers should also ensure that the workplace is clean and presentable at all times, to ensure that employees have a comfortable, hygienic space in which to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

If improving environmental performance is one of your company's goals, it would be wise to ensure that any cleaning company you decide to hire has strong green credentials.

Discussing the research, Andrew Davies, spokesman for CartridgePeople.com, said the findings should reassure employers that focusing on the simple things can sometimes be the best way to improve the workplace and keep employees happy.

He also pointed out that businesses can make themselves much more attractive to new candidates by providing an appealing working environment. 

"They can achieve this by introducing simple environmental enhancements such as break-out areas, flexible workspaces and a fully functioning kitchen," Mr Davies continued. "Our research shows workers aren't looking for flashy, whacky workspaces, but simple and functional features.

"A more appealing working environment can have positive effects on productivity, employee engagement and wellbeing. As such, many companies are open to the idea of blowing budgets on updating working environments, however, this research shows that this isn't necessary in order to achieve a happy workforce."


Posted by Julie Tucker

Image courtesy of iStock/Peshcov