How to make your office a better place to be

How to make your office a better place to be

How to make your office a better place to be

Full-time office employees spend a lot of time in the workplace, so it's down to facilities managers and bosses to ensure that their working environment is a pleasant place to be.

As well as having a basic duty of care regarding the comfort and safety of your staff, your business can gain some significant benefits from ensuring that people feel content in their workspace. Happier employees are much more likely to feel engaged in their work and be productive.

Here are a few characteristics of a good working environment that could help to keep your labour force in a positive state of mind.

Clean and bright
Cleanliness is a fundamental requirement for any office, not only to ensure basic standards of hygiene for the people working there, but also to present an image of professionalism and care to any visiting clients.

It's also important to ensure that the workplace is well-lit. Having plenty of windows and sources of natural light is ideal and helps employees feel fresh and alert.

During winter months, when the days are gloomier and the nights longer, equip your office with lights that create a nice ambience and encourage a positive mood.

Protecting the environment is a big concern for many people, who will want to see that their employer is doing its bit by adopting basic practices such as recycling and using energy-efficient appliances. Businesses can also encourage their employees to use environmentally friendly methods of travelling to work, such as walking, cycling, using public transport or car sharing.

As well as helping people feel that they are working in a clean, eco-friendly space, adopting green practices can also help the business by reducing energy bills in the long term.

Office staff should always be given the option to work in whatever way is most comfortable for them. Workspaces should be well-equipped with ergonomic chairs that provide proper support for the user's back, as well as optional accessories such as keyboard wrist supports and laptop risers to ensure the screen is at eye level for the person using it.

Offices should also have comfortable areas where members of the workforce can go to get away from their immediate working environment. Break zones with comfortable sofas, chairs and a television, for example, could help people to get away from their work for a little while and clear their heads.

Not without fun
In a recent survey by CV-Library, 45 per cent of UK workers said they had experienced boredom in their jobs. More than half (54 per cent) had found previous roles so boring that they were forced to look for something different.

Small changes - whether it's installing a pool table in the break area or starting a Friday afternoon table tennis tournament - can help employees to enjoy some of the time they spend in the office.

Introducing measures like these will help to create a positive atmosphere around the workplace, making employees feel better about their jobs and more willing to work hard for the business.


Posted by Julie Tucker 

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