5 of Mrs Doyle's funniest moments in Father Ted

5 of Mrs Doyle's funniest moments in Father Ted

5 of Mrs Doyle's funniest moments in Father Ted

There were many great things about the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, but some of the show's funniest moments came when Mrs Doyle, the titular priest's loyal but slightly unhinged housekeeper, was on screen.

Continuing our exploration of on-screen depictions of cleaners, maids, butlers and housekeepers here on the Aurora blog, this week we celebrate some of this wonderful character's funniest moments.

'Go on, go on, go on…'
This is technically lots of moments, but no blog about Mrs Doyle would be complete without a mention of her passion - bordering on obsession - for making everyone a nice cup of tea.

Whenever anyone - either one of the three priests who live in the Craggy Island parochial house or a guest - declines the offer of a cuppa, Mrs Doyle seems to take it as a personal affront.

"Ah, go on, go on, go on" became something of a catchphrase for the character, as she desperately tried to convince as many people as possible to partake in a hot beverage. This would often escalate to out-and-out aggression towards those who were determined to say no.

War on the tea machine
Mrs Doyle's commitment to a good brew really becomes clear when, in one episode, a salesman attempts to sell her a machine that "takes the misery out of making tea".

She gives him a scornful look and replies: "Maybe I like the misery."

Later in the episode, Mrs Doyle is horrified to receive the device as a gift from Ted, and sets about sabotaging it so she can have the joy of tea-making all to herself.

Heading for a fall
Pauline McLynn, the actress who played Mrs Doyle, showed her great aptitude for physical comedy and slapstick during the three series of Father Ted.

Treated as a general dogsbody by Ted, she is occasionally seen doing heavy-duty jobs such as digging drainage ditches and mending the roof, in addition to her usual domestic chores.

Unfortunately, she is a somewhat accident-prone character, frequently falling off the roof, tumbling down the stairs and flying head-first through the front room window.

Potty mouth
On the surface, Mrs Doyle is a rather reserved and old-fashioned character, getting all the excitement she needs from a sandwich, a nice cup of tea and possibly a piece of cake.

There are occasions, however, when she shows her edgier side. In the episode 'And God Created Woman', the parochial house plays host to Polly Clarke, a writer of romance novels.

Mrs Doyle is disdainful of Polly's work, due to the language in it. She then proceeds to go on a profanity-laden discussion of the books, getting more and more agitated until Ted eventually has to usher her out of the room.

Falling for the milkman
Mrs Doyle is generally portrayed as a solitary woman with no interest in romantic relationships, but that changes in the episode of Father Ted that Channel 4 viewers voted their favourite of all time.

Parodying the action movie Speed, the episode sees Father Dougal getting a job driving a milk float after he and Ted get the previous milkman, Pat Mustard, fired. Pat seeks revenge by rigging the vehicle with a bomb that will explode if its speed falls below four miles per hour.

Largely oblivious to the drama, Mrs Doyle seems more interested in Pat himself, even donning make-up and a pretty dress to impress him. At the very end of the episode, we see she has created a shrine to the villainous milkman.

Mrs Doyle is certainly one of the funniest housekeepers we have seen on screen, largely because of her undying dedication to her job.

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