A touch of magic to deal with a big cleaning task?

A touch of magic to deal with a big cleaning task?

A touch of magic to deal with a big cleaning task?

With the summer weather having been so hot and sunny, some may think it a little forgivable to spend less time indoors cleaning and more outside in the garden. And, to an extent, this is logical. After all, the less time spent indoors, the less chance there is to make a mess there.

Of course, for many people getting outdoors in summer means swapping homes for tents, whether on a normal camping trip or visiting one of the major music festivals. The most famous of the latter is Glastonbury, a place that is not only synonymous with music, but a long association with myth, legend and mystery.

King Arthur looms large in all this, not least because his tomb is believed to lie at Glastonbury Abbey. The Arthurian legends, like those of other English semi-historical figures, such as Robin Hood, have extended into popular culture. 

Disney films are certainly a case in point, and one of our favourites has to be the Sword in the Stone, not least because it contains a truly wonderful cleaning scene.

Yes, that's right - faced with a kitchen that needs a good clean up and lots of dirty dishes, Merlin the Magician works his wonders to save his apprentice a lot of hard work. A few waves of the wand and suddenly the dishes come to life, hovering through the air as they are cleaned by the animated washing brushes from a similarly airborne tub of soapy water.

While all this is taking place, the mops and brooms have also taken on a life of their own, sweeping the dust and grime off the stone floor.

For Merlin, this is all about sorting out a "medieval muddle" by opting to "modernise" the whole business using an "assembly line". Of course, he didn't have modern machinery, like a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, but that doesn't matter when you have magic.

The apprentice protested: "But I'm supposed to do this," to which Merlin replies that it doesn't matter by whom or how things are cleaned, as long as it is done.

That, of course, is certainly true. But the important thing is to make sure it is done well. And with our wide range of cleaning services, you can be sure that everything will be so clean you'll think it had been done with magic.

In the animated film, however, things do take a bit of a twist. Spooked by the sight of brooms and dishes coming to life, the scullery maid runs screaming out of the kitchens into the yard, where knights Sir Ector and Sir Kay are practising their sword craft.


They enter the "bewitched" kitchen at her behest, declare the whole business to be "black magic", and start to fight the various brooms, plates and pans - a battle they soon find themselves losing until Merlin returns and breaks the spell.

An unhappy Sir Ector sends Merlin packing and scolds his apprentice, but with our services, you can be sure it will be all of the magic, and none of the trouble. 

Posted by Holly Morris

Image courtesy of iStock/ratpack223