Hong Kong Phooey - the ultimate cleaner

Hong Kong Phooey - the ultimate cleaner

Hong Kong Phooey - the ultimate cleaner

Those using Aurora cleaning services will find there are some very dedicated and skilled staff who come and do a great job - but what else do you know about them?

Of course, if you have a cup of tea and a chat with them once they have finished work, you may discover a bit about one or two of our cleaners and their lives - but there may be much they're not telling you.

After all, there could be all sorts of things about them you just couldn't imagine. Outside working hours, they could be a wild adventurer like a skydiver or base jumper. Or maybe they're some sort of top secret agent?

All that may seem wild, but in the world of film and TV there is room for a cleaner to be a fully-fledged superhero. It is one thing for Clark Kent to be a newspaper reporter and Eric Wimp a schoolboy until one yellow fruity treat turns him into Bananaman, but then there is Penry, the "mild mannered janitor".


Penry is no stranger to law enforcement, as he works at a police station in a major city. But what nobody knows is that when he is not mopping and dusting, Penry is none other than the legendary Hong Kong Phooey.

Like other TV classics of the 70s and 80s such as Postman Pat - who has never been seen cleaning up anything - this was not a long-running show, with a mere 16 episodes being made by Hanna-Barbera, initially shown in the autumn of 1974.

Even so, Hong Kong Phooey truly captured the imagination of children everywhere. Like Superman, he had somewhere special to change into his Kung Fu outfit before taking on the bad guys, in this case a filing cabinet. Unlike Superman, he always got stuck in it and had to be helped out by his cat Spot.

Indeed, the whole story of Hong Kong Phooey is of a blunderer whose incompetence undermines his crime-fighting efforts time and time again. Even his Kung Fu skills - if they can be called that - are self-taught from the Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu. As an action hero, he is less Superman, more Johnny English.

Fortunately, Hong Kong Phooey does get lucky a lot, usually thanks to the timely intervention of Spot. Even so, there is much to admire about his daring, his brilliant disguise and the magnificent Phooeymobile, which has the capacity to act as a car, boat or helicopter. Not even the Batmobile can match that.

Overall, however, it is pretty safe to say that there are rather more reliable superheroes out there than Hong Kong Phooey. Then again, he always catches the crook somehow or other in the end, so perhaps Napoleon's saying about a lucky general being better than a good one applies to superheroes too.

All that might suggest that it would be stretching things for any Aurora cleaners to take on a double life as a superhero. But then again, could Batman or Spiderman get your home anywhere near as clean as our staff? If anyone thinks the answer to that question is yes, we can only reply: "Phooey!"


Posted by Julie Tucker