Why you should never let the Pink Panther do the cleaning

Why you should never let the Pink Panther do the cleaning

Why you should never let the Pink Panther do the cleaning 

At Aurora, we pride ourselves on the high standard of our cleaning services, for our staff are highly trained and skilled in what they do, making sure the task is carried out thoroughly and conscientiously.

For that reason, we wouldn't just employ anyone - and we definitely wouldn't give a job to the Pink Panther.

The famous cartoon character is a favourite from most people's childhoods. He may be just about indestructible - having been squashed, crushed and blown up in all manner of ways in the course of this adventures - but he is also highly prone to mishaps, and this is particularly true when it comes to cleaning things up.

Pink vacuum
Vacuuming, for example, might seem a straightforward task designed to clear debris from a carpet and leave it looking spick and span. But not for the Pink Panther. Faced with an irritating fly, he gets distracted and attempts to use the suction device to swallow it.

Sure enough, chaos ensues as the high-powered vacuum manages to suck in everything except the fly. First in is the vase, then the curtains, a painting and even a whole door. So much for cleaning the house - now he is wrecking it.

It gets worse as the chase continues outside the house. The vacuum engulfs a tree, then the whole house, then the moon, followed by the whole sky and then the land. The mayhem continues as our cartoon hero is himself swallowed by the vacuum, which then completes the job of oblivion by swallowing itself.

Clearly, this is not someone to trust with a vacuum cleaner. For one thing, the settings he selected were clearly a bit on the high side if it could accomplish the destruction of the whole universe (apart from the fly, of course).

The pink street cleaner
It is not just with the vacuum that the Pink Panther flounders. He's not much good at tidying up either, as shown when he was charged with cleaning the streets of the town of Litterburg.

Admittedly, it looked like nobody else was doing this as their day job and there were no waste disposal facilities to help him out, but surely there was a simpler way of removing all that waste than framing it and selling it as pop art?

We haven't even mentioned the kind of calamity that can ensue whenever the Pink Panther is able to access a washing machine or an iron. Suffice to say, he should steer clear of them, too.

Perhaps there is a clue to the ineptitude of the Pink Panther as a cleaner in the various cartoons. He seems to be living in a different house each time, so maybe the reality is he simply moves in, makes a mess and, unable to clean or tidy up properly, simply moves somewhere else. Either that or he owns a lot of houses. Evidently being a world-famous cartoon star pays well.

That being the case, he obviously doesn't need a job with Aurora Cleaning Services. But we are pretty sure we could do a good job for him. Indeed, if our cleaners were sent round to a pink residence to deal with the task in hand themselves, all manner of calamities could be avoided.


Posted by Julie Tucker