Catastrophe with Consuela

Catastrophe with Consuela

Catastrophe with Consuela

It has always been hard to imagine that any cartoon based around family life could compete with the Simpsons, but somehow Family Guy just nails it.

Of course, this is no ordinary family. When Stewie the baby can not only talk, but do so like a genius, and the smartest character in the whole room is Brian the dog, there is clearly something afoot.

However, when it comes to cleaning, it is not a member of the family who takes care of that, but the hired Mexican maid: Consuela.

There may be a little bit of Latino stereotyping going on here, but Consuela is certainly quite a character. When not vacuuming or dusting, she is famous for her evidently poor command of the English language - her response to most statements is "no" - and her status as head of the maid's union.

If the thought of having a union boss to contend with might trouble some people, it is worse for Brian, who she throws out of the house despite his evidently un-canine intelligence and hygiene. As for trying to get her to memorise an important phone number in the event of a delivery while Peter is out, that's clearly impossible. 

All that might make Consuela seem like just the kind of cleaner most would think twice about before hiring, but then again, she certainly knows how to carry out the core functions of cleaning, vacuuming and sweeping up well. Obviously playing the radio loudly while dusting is somewhat disturbing and cleaning the loo while Peter is sitting on it is certainly not ideal timing, but you can't have everything.

There is, however, some perfectly timed sweeping when Mexico - not exactly known for its winter sports prowess - takes on Canada in a world curling final. Who better to brush the ice frantically in front of the Mexican stone to ensure it knocks the Canadian stone out of the scoring ring to win the gold medal?

Of course, it wouldn't be Consuela if this sporting feat was not accompanied by a frantic expression of "No, no no no no..", so it is no surprise that the word actually becomes the name of a perfume.

The Mexican character also appears in a Star Wars-themed episode of the show, where she is seen vacuuming in a hologram. One can only imagine how much cleaning up she might try to accomplish after a planet is blown up by the Death Star.

Consuela might seem like the product of a very fertile imagination, but in fact the voice actor who plays her role based modelled the character on a Hispanic maid he had once had, so it seems there could be at least one real-life Consuela out there.

Thankfully, with Aurora Cleaning Services we can avoid some of those awkward cleaning moments. Our staff are highly skilled and communicative, and they certainly won't be saying "no, no" to every task that is set for them.

Having said that, as far as we know none of our cleaners has managed to win any medals in curling, so perhaps there is a use for a cleaner like Consuela after all.