Admire the cleaner in Wolfe's clothing

Admire the cleaner in Wolfe's clothing

Admire the cleaner in Wolfe's clothing

There are many cleaners whose roles in popular culture barely venture beyond them carrying out the simple task of getting a house in good shape. Their involvement in a story could be a simple plot device. Alternatively, if they are doing something else, it is as an alter ego; just think of Hong Kong Phooey.

Of course, a bit of cartoon violence from someone who is clearly a bungling amateur when it comes to martial arts is a world away from some cleaners, who are highly skilled in carrying out tasks rather more significant than vacuuming a carpet or sweeping a floor.

Such characters include Winston Wolfe in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, played by Harvey Keitel.

If you are one of the people who hasn't seen this film - and many people will respond to that by asking what on Earth you have been doing all this time - Winston is no ordinary cleaner. And that is just as well, for he is taking on no ordinary task.

Winston appears in the story by knocking on the door and introducing himself to the householder Jimmie. "I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems."

This is just as well, for there is quite a problem to solve here; gangsters Jules and Vincent are driving away from the scene of a crime when they inadvertently shoot another man in the car with them. This means they have a body to dispose of, not to mention the evidence of various splattered bits of blood, brain and so on in the car.

So when Winston knocks on Jimmy's door, this is not any simple problem that he is dealing with. And Jimmie wants everything cleaned up before his wife gets home, which is understandable. She might not appreciate having a headless corpse in the car, or what's left of the head in the garage.

He proceeds to inspect the car and then outlines to Jules and Vincent exactly how they should go about cleaning up the mess and then disguising any remaining traces with seat covers and blankets.

Winston has been swift to notice how "domesticated" and clean the house is, and Jimmie confirms there is no shortage of cleaning products. That, it turns out, is just what is needed to carry out the task. Better still, Winston advises there is quite enough time to complete the task before Jimmie's wife gets home, by which time Jules and Vincent will have driven away from the scene in a now spotless vehicle.

Just in case you were wondering, at Aurora Cleaning Services we really don't tend to deal with many dead bodies.

However, we do have to admire Winston Wolfe, a man who says he "thinks fast and talks fast" in order to ensure the job gets done quickly. This is the kind of attitude we like; professionalism, decisive action and a commitment to making sure the task in hand is done very well.

Your workplace may not have the police sniffing around looking for traces of blood, but there may be plenty of other spills and stains to worry about. Luckily, we are just as dedicated as Winston in making sure those cleaning tasks are carried out swiftly and efficiently.