The messiest cleaning stories come with the 'Clean Slaters'

The messiest cleaning stories come with the 'Clean Slaters'

The messiest cleaning stories come with the 'Clean Slaters'

Eastenders is one of those soaps that divides opinion. For some, it is compulsive viewing, and they could not go a week without their fix. Others would rather have their fingernails pulled out than sit through an episode.

What is not in doubt, however, is the importance of cleaners to the endless array of plotlines, which are, of course, extremely necessary devices to fill in the gaps between endless repetitions of the word "family" and the phrase "look at ya, yer a mess!"

Janine Butcher had her own cleaning business and letting agency, set up in 2011, which may have gone on to enjoy years of success if she had kept her focus on the job instead of murdering Michael Moon. Still, in a soap where every other business seems to burn down - from the Dagmar pub to Phil Mitchell's snooker hall - trouble is never far away.

A cleaning business that is sure to come with a health warning is 'Clean Slaters'. It's the ultimate oxymoron, for what could be less likely to have a clean slate than anything that family is involved with?

The firm is set up by Kat Moon, Mo Harris, Stacey Fowler and Jean Walters, and one might imagine it would focus on doing things like cleaning homes. But no - there is always something going on with this clan, not least Kat, a Slater under her maiden name.

In Kat's case, this includes a bit of subterfuge. Stacey Fowler (also nee Slater), whose shenanigans include killing Archie Mitchell, flees to Mexico after being framed for an attempted murder, this time one she is innocent of. But then she is spotted by Kat from the top deck of a bus in a strange and distant land known as 'north London'. It turns out she is now living under an assumed identity, with a boyfriend called Luke who thinks her name is Jenny Smith.

Sure enough, Kat isn't going to leave a clean slate(er) here and, posing as a new cleaner, finds her way into Luke's house.

This is where she discovers that the couple got together in what he called a "whirlwind romance" in Mexico, with him coming back home with her. 

As the conversation continues, Luke says more about 'Jenny', not least that they need a cleaner because "one thing she hates is cleaning". In response, Kat mutters the words "same old Stacey". She quickly realises her blunder and says 'Jenny's' attitude to cleaning sounds just like that of her cousin Stacey.

Of course, it isn't too long before she reveals the truth and Luke dumps 'Jenny', although Stacey doesn't know Kat spilled the beans. 

This, of course, is just one of the many episodes in the tumultuous series of events that makes up 'normal' life in Albert Square, and Stacey is involved in all too many of them.

Indeed, it just goes to show that in Eastenders, nothing is ever truly cleaned up. It is just swept under the carpet, ready to be brought back whenever they need a ratings boost - even after spending 14 years dead like Den Watts.

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