Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Our Top 12 carpet cleaning tips for your business.

With a team of many years of experience we would like to give you some insight what is the best way to clean your carpets in your office or at home...

1.Check the label!

The starting point with any carpet clean is to check the label. Wool carpets and man-made fibres need to be treated in different ways.

2. Try to deal with stains quickly

Don’t wait for the thorough carpet clean. A big problem is leaving stains. It means PRE TREATMENT will be needed before you start. Stains only get worse so to avoid an accidental spill becoming a stain, deal with it straight away. Don’t rub the spill, that will make the stain worse!

2. Always vacuum thoroughly first

Always vacuum up surface dirt before you clean your carpets. It will make the whole job much easier and will stop your carpet washer from getting all clogged up and messy.

3. One eye on the environment - use the right cleaning solution

Aurora are strong advocates for using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We believe that over using detergent can cause staining and leaves an unpleasant residue. We are happy to recommend our usual solution. Simply call us for information.

4. Check a small area first

Is it the first wash? If so always check an area first. This allows you to ensure the colour is okay.

6. Work backwards!

Always start from the furthest point from the door! That way you won’t be walking on damp carpet in your shoes!

8. Too much water

Again Aurora always keep water usage to a minimum. We suggest you do too. Too much water and carpets take forever to dry.

10. Getting it all done

Aurora always try to ensure common parts, high traffic areas and other areas are done at the same time. That way the wear and tear is often dealt with at the same time and the entire carpet will look its best. Plus its more cost effective to clean it all at the same time.

11. Concentrate on high traffic areas too!

Reception or public spaces will often have more stubborn stains so we suggest a more regular wash for these areas usually in March, August after the heavy Summer traffic and just before the nights close in during October.

12. Put it in the diary

Lastly, plan when to do your carpet cleans. We suggest after the heavier times of the year like early March following the Winter period.