Airplane - the deadliest vacuuming job of all?

Airplane - the deadliest vacuuming job of all?

Airplane - the deadliest vacuuming job of all?

Keeping carpets clean in the office an be a thankless task. No sooner has the carpet been vacuumed than someone empties the hole punch all over the floor.

Of course, keeping carpets clean does take plenty of regular effort, and in well-used rooms with a lot of footfall, this is even more true.

Imagine, for example, a carpeted area at an airport: not only is this very large, but there is a vast number of people using it at all hours of the day. At a time when members of a domestic household will be lying asleep in bed rather than walking on the carpet, airport terminals will still have myriad people crossing their floors as they progress their journeys from A to B.

Suffice to say, the business of keeping carpets clean will always be an important one at an airport. After all, who wants to get a reputation for dirty terminals? The same will also go for the aircraft themselves.

Of course, not everyone looks on the whole business of air travel in quite such a serious way. That will include just about anyone who has seen the film Airplane or its sequels.

Whether it is the importance of good catering hygiene, after the first film sees Ted Striker trying to land the plane when the pilots keel over with food poisoning, the inflatable autopilot, or a whole new dance move to the Bee Gees "Staying Alive" song - which was mysteriously playing in a Manila disco in the 1940s - some things will never be looked at the same way.

Could the simple business of vacuuming also be seen in a different light? One might think so, for when Ted Striker is at the back of a plane, he sees a cupboard marked with the words "Danger - Vacuum".

Ted's curiosity gets the better of him and when he opens the doors, he is immediately attacked by the hose of a vacuum cleaner, its head rising like a cobra and attempting to assail our hero using its powers of suction.

Thankfully, Ted manages to fight it off and shut it away back in its cupboard.

Even so, could it be that even a vacuum cleaner is never seen the same way again? True, it seems just about anything goes on up in that plane, but, surely, this does not extend to familiar cleaning devices that are used back down on the ground?

Well, as members of the Airplane cast might say, we hope not - and stop calling me Shirley.

It is fair to say that none of our staff have yet encountered a vacuum cleaner with a propensity to attack people. This is just as well, for at Aurora Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on making sure things go without a hitch.

True, sometimes even Airplane can echo real life - the poster advertising a Rocky film featuring the boxer returning to the ring decades after retirement turned out to be oddly prophetic - but at least with our staff, unlike with Ted Striker and co, you can be sure of a clean landing at the end.  

Image courtesy of iStock/AlexeyPetrov