Gremlins: the ultimate workplace mess in a classic Christmas film

Gremlins: the ultimate workplace mess in a classic Christmas film

Gremlins: The ultimate Christmas mess in a classic Christmas film

With Christmas coming, many commercial premises will be getting more than just a little messy.

In many cases, there will be Christmas decorations up all over the place, and lots of offices will have a party on the premises.

Of course, you don't want your merry-making to get out of hand, but even if it doesn't, there could be lots of things going wrong with food and drink being spilt, accidents with office furniture and so on.

In addition, even when Christmas has come and gone, there could be a bit of mess to dispose of. There may be damaged decorations to clear up, plus carpets covered in pine needles and bits of tinsel or broken baubles.

Still, however messy your workplace gets this festive season, it could be worse - and a bit of Christmas TV watching could soon prove this.

While many are focusing their attention on the disappointingly less-than-bloodthirsty remake of Watership Down this year, there is little doubt that Gremlins stands out as one of the all-time festive classics. Set in a small American town in the run-up to Christmas, it follows the adventures of our hero Billy and his furry friend Gizmo, a mysterious creature purchased from a novelty shop in Chinatown.

Gizmo multiplies when exposed to water, producing more furry creatures that tamper with an alarm clock to get Billy to feed them into midnight. This causes them to mutate into hideous green monsters who proceed to wreak havoc around the town.

The Montgomery Ward department store is one workplace that will never be the same again as Billy tries to fight off the creatures. Someone will need a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the sawdust from the baseball bat Billy uses to guard himself against the chainsaw, and that's just for starters.

Luckily, Billy prevails in the battle, and kills off the last gremlin with an infusion of bright light. But a few years later, there's a sequel, this time with the monsters let loose in a New York skyscraper.

Indeed, Gremlins 2: The New Batch seems rather topical as the businessman who owns the tower, Daniel Clamp, is clearly a 1990 send-up of Donald Trump. Who knew back then what was coming? (Apart from the Simpsons, that is).

Suffice to say, this workplace gets rather messy too, with one shredder guaranteed not to be used again.

Thankfully, just as the new army of gremlins is gathering in the foyer to await the sunset before embarking on the ultimate night out in New York - and the authorities are preparing the most counterproductive defence ever by turning the fire hoses on them - Billy finds a way to electrocute the whole lot of them.

Even so, it is safe to say the tower is going to need a bit of a clean-up.

Luckily, most commercial premises will not be subjected to the kind of chaos on show in the Gremlins films. That may be just as well, as in such cases rather more than a basic clean-up would be needed. At Aurora Cleaning Services, however, we have staff who can meet just about any challenge.

That said, when the office party comes around, you might just want to be careful which members of your staff you allow to eat after midnight...


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