How Sheldon Cooper cleaned his way into the hearts of comedy fans

How Sheldon Cooper cleaned his way into the hearts of comedy fans

How Sheldon Cooper cleaned his way into the hearts of comedy fans

The history of film and television has given us many characters who have an obsessive nature, often to great comedic effect.

One of the most memorable recent examples from the world of TV is Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, from The Big Bang Theory.


Sheldon is a bona-fide genius, having started college at the age of 11 and earned his PhD at 16, before going on to become a theoretical physicist studying quantum mechanics and string theory.

But despite his enormous brain power, Sheldon often struggles to understand basic social situations and why people behave the way they do. Obsessed with cleanliness and order, one of his greatest gripes is when other members of the human race don’t live in the same regimented way as he does.

One of the funniest examples of this in the show is this scene, when Sheldon discovers that his neighbour, Penny, has let her apartment descend into a bit of a mess. Or, as Sheldon describes it, a “swirling vortex of entropy”.

Unable to sleep knowing that he is just across the corridor from a messy apartment, Sheldon gets up in the middle of the night and takes it upon himself to tidy up the place.

When his roommate Leonard asks what he’s doing, Sheldon responds: “I have no choice. I couldn’t sleep knowing that just outside my bedroom was our living room, and just outside our living room was that hallway, and immediately adjacent to our hallway was … this.”


His obsession with keeping things clean and orderly is one of the defining aspects of Sheldon’s personality, and as a character he is undeniably one of the best things about The Big Bang Theory.

He has helped the series become one of the highest-ranked television shows in the US by viewing figures.

Furthermore, Parsons has won the Emmy award for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series four times, as well as the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV comedy in 2011.

The Big Bang Theory has now reached its 12th and final season, and Sheldon will arguably be the character fans will miss the most when the show ends.

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Posted by: Becky Cheall