3 magnificently messy movie food fights

3 magnificently messy movie food fights

3 magnificently messy movie food fights

The food fight - one of those things that happens quite a lot in films and television programmes, but not very often in real life.

They certainly look like a lot of fun, but there would be a lot of cleaning up required afterwards, so it’s probably for the best they are confined to the world of movies and TV.

Here are some of the best food fights we’ve ever seen on screen:

Animal House

This classic American comedy from 1978 features plenty of scenes that have since become cult favourites among comedy fans.

One of the stand-out moments from Animal House is this food fight, which is started by Bluto, played by John Belushi. Sitting down in a diner with a group of snooty college kids who call him a “P-I-G: pig”, Bluto responds by filling his mouth with food and then slapping his cheeks, covering the group.

They start chasing him around the diner, causing chaotic scenes that only get worse when Bluto yells: “Fooood fiiiight!”

Fried Green Tomatoes

As the title suggests, food has a fairly significant part to play in this film. One of its most memorable scenes shows the characters of Idgie and Ruth giving in to their most childish impulses.

It starts with them throwing water over each other, but quickly escalates when Idgie grabs a handful of blackberries and splats them in Ruth’s face. Pretty soon they’re covering each other in flour and wrestling on the floor.

When they’re interrupted by the local sheriff, who threatens to arrest them for disorderly conduct, Ruth decides to slap what looks like the topping for a chocolate cake right in the middle of his face.


This certainly isn’t one of the best-loved entries in the great Steven Spielberg’s filmography, but Hook does contain some fun moments, including this spectacular food fight, which is fairly unusual in that the food being flung around is imaginary.

To show the power of Peter Banning (a grown-up Peter Pan, played by Robin Williams) and the Lost Boys’ imagination, the food - which looks more like multicoloured slop - is shown in all its vibrant glory. Even Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts) gets covered in the stuff.

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Posted by: Becky Cheall