Uptight cop meets junkyard dog in an 80's favourite

Uptight cop meets junkyard dog in an 80's favourite

Uptight cop meets junkyard dog in an 80's favourite

Of the many much-loved stars and fan favourites in the movie industry, Tom Hanks, is surely one of the most popular of all. A reliable every man who has appeared in dozens of classic films, he can turn his hand to drama, comedy, tragedy and everything in-between.

Hanks made his name in the 1980s, appearing in a series of comedies that aptly demonstrated his undeniable charm, such as Splash, The Money Pit, Big and The Burbs. 

Towards the end of the decade, he starred in Turner & Hooch as Scott Turner, a by-the-book, uptight police detective who likes everything to be neat, tidy and in its place.

Unfortunately for Scott, a case he is investigating leaves him saddled with something over which he has absolutely no control: a giant, slobbering French mastiff named Hooch.

Doggy Destruction

The film’s plot sees Scott temporarily adopting the destructive but lovable creature after Hooch’s master, the owner of a junkyard, is murdered, and Scott realises the dog may be able to lead him to the culprit.

Before he can help with Scott’s case, however, Hooch completely upends his new owner’s orderly life, destroying his home and even eating the upholstery in his car.

When Scott wakes up to find the dirty canine sleeping next to him in bed, he decides enough is enough, leading to this great scene in which he tries to give him a bath. 

The man’s attempts to get the beast in the bath don’t go well, with a prolonged wrestle between the two ending with Scott falling in himself. He then resorts to desperate measures, tying the dog to a garden fence and giving him a thorough scrub with a giant, long-handled brush.

“This is why man will prevail and your kind will never dominate the earth,” he announces. “This is what you can do if you’ve got thumbs!”

The 'Messy Dog' Sub-Genre

Turner & Hooch is one of the best examples of a very specific sub-genre of Hollywood comedies - films where messy, chaotic dogs turn their owners’ lives upside-down, but eventually bring out the best in them.

Marley & Me, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is another example, as is the action comedy K9, which was released in the same year as Turner & Hooch.

Perhaps the most famous of all is another film that features some spectacular canine chaos: Beethoven, which features this wonderfully messy scene.

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Posted by: Becky Cheall