The lady who made cleaning glamorous: Mrs Hinch

The lady who made cleaning glamorous: Mrs Hinch

The lady who made cleaning glamorous: Mrs Hinch

The laborious task of cleaning has been given a much-needed glamour injection. Mrs Hinch, from Essex, has described herself as ‘cleaning mad’ and in the process of keeping her house pristine, she has amassed an impressive 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

Who is Mrs Hinch?

Mrs Hinch, full name Sophie Hinchliffe, started out in life as a hairdresser who enjoyed keeping a clean and tidy home. With a passion for interior design, it was the purchase of her first house that made her take to Instagram to show her love of all things interior design and the process of making a house a home.

Over time, pictures of her immaculate home, decorated in varying shades of grey and white, developed into showcasing her favourite cleaning tips and tricks. The Mrs Hinch Home, Instagram account which features pictures of her enviable home has developed a following, aptly named, the ‘Hinch Army’ who follow and employ her favourite cleaning products and hacks around their own home.

Success outside of social media

Mrs Hinch’s social media success has now extended much further than through the screen of a phone with the ‘cleanfluencer’ releasing two books, ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’ and ‘Mrs Hinch The Activity Journal’. Who would have thought that someone who wrote books centred around cleaning and decluttering could be a Sunday Times Bestselling Author?

However, the ‘Hinch Army’ movement is a clear sign that Mrs Hinch has inspired many to take pride in cleaning so that it doesn’t seem such a chore but instead, it is something to be proud of.

Furthermore, it seems that in modern times people can be juggling a never ending amount of tasks, so Mrs Hinch provides useful, tried and tested, cleaning hacks that gives the best results from the off, saving people much needed time.  

Happy retailers

Mrs Hinch doesn’t just make her social media following happy by sharing her cleaning tips, she has also brought delight (and increased profit) to some retailers by bringing their once underrated cleaning products to the forefront.

Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products and hacks have left some retailers with a very healthy profit. The likes of Marks and Spencer saw a 100% increase in sales on their £1 cleaning sponge and Zoflora said they had to double production due to increased demand after Mrs Hinch raved about their product.

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Posted by Becky Cheall