Spring cleaning your office for the new year

Spring cleaning your office for the new year

Spring cleaning your office for the new year

A New Year means it’s time to have a good sort out and clean so that you start the year of 2020 in the right frame of mind to have a great year at work. This handy guide will take you through the simple steps of achieving this in your office...


First things first, allocate a space for everything. If everything doesn’t have a place of its own it will be hard to keep yourself organised and tidy. If you are struggling to find space for some items, then you will have to make some which means, it’s time to throw things away and be ruthless.

Cabinets and drawers 

It can seem that cleaning and clearing your desk is the most important area but don’t forget to delve into the deep dark corners in filing cabinets and at the back of your desk drawers.

If the storage space you have is extensive, don’t attempt clearing it all out at once – there’s nothing worse than losing motivation on the task ahead because you bit off more than you could chew.

It will be likely that after you have had a mild sneezing fit from all the dust, you’ll find that you will have forgotten that some items even existed, in which case it’s time to get rid of them to make way for more things to take its place in order to have a cleaner, tidier work environment.

Archive and file

A new year brings new paperwork and new documents, so take this opportunity to archive and file old paperwork from previous years and store them so that they can be easily accessed but not taking up vital room on your desk.

The Golden Rule

Keep only everyday essentials within arm’s reach. There is no doubt that a lot of your work items are important and will need to be referred to, but if you want to start 2020 in a productive, motivated manor, oust those things that you don’t use everyday to your desk draw.


Spring cleaning and organising doesn’t just stretch to physical items, your email inbox may need some TLC too. Make and sort your old emails into easy to find, organised folders. Don’t start the year with a messy inbox.

Inspiring workspace

Once you can see the colour of your desk, again, it’s time for the last push to make it an inspiring place to work. Start by giving it a wipe down with some disinfectant wipes because who knows what’s accumulated on your desk over time.

For the final touch, consider adding some small plants or pictures of loved ones to help provide you with the motivation you need and boost productivity for the coming working year!

Image courtesy of: Press Association

Posted by: Becky Cheall