How to make your business more eco-friendly

How to make your business more eco-friendly

How to make your business more eco-friendly

While all the talk is about the importance of going green, many businesses are struggling to take the first steps.

However, this isn't through a lack of trying. Many office managers want to lead their firm into an eco-friendly future, but simply lack the know-how required to achieve it.

The thing is, it's easier than you may think to start making a difference to the environment and it requires as little or as much investment as you like.

Here are a few tips to set you on your way.

Introduce recycling bins

Easy enough to implement, this idea can kill two birds with one stone by encouraging workers to keep the office tidier as well by not letting old cola cans or waste paper build up around their desks.

If you're looking at testing the water over how your staff will respond to the introduction of green initiatives, this is the perfect way to bring an eco-friendly culture into workplace without forcing it down their throats.

Replace your light bulbs

Old inefficient light bulbs are slowly being phased out in favour of their energy-saving alternatives and switching can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

As well as being safe in the knowledge that your decision to move to a less power-intensive source of light is helping the environment, it can save you plenty of pounds on your bills.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates the up-to-date bulbs will cost you £3 less per year. Not a lot on its own, but when you're considering an overhaul of the entire office, we're talking about a decent amount of cash.

This is a move that has already been backed by the government and the European Union, so it's pretty certain that if you don't do this now, you'll certainly be swapping the sort of bulbs you buy a few more years down the line.

Cycle to work

As an employer, there are plenty of things you can do to encourage your workers to take a more eco-friendly stance on their daily routines and implementing a cycle to work scheme is one of those.

Initiatives like Cyclescheme have already been set up, which - once they've signed up - allow businesses to offer their staff tax-free bicycles to dissuade them from driving into the office.

Not only is this reducing your firm's carbon footprint, but it's also promoting employee wellbeing, boosting their fitness levels and encouraging them to spend more time outdoors.

Remote working

Another way of limiting the amount of CO2 your company is responsible for releasing into the atmosphere is to introduce the idea of remote working for staff, effectively allowing them to work from home for some days during the month.

This is now easier to achieve than it has ever been before, thanks to technology like cloud computing and teleconferencing, which makes it feasible for most workers to log on and carry out their daily duties from their home PC.

As well as cutting out the commute for personnel, a knock-on effect is that it will inevitably lower your office's energy consumption, as there will be fewer people using your facilities throughout the day.

Posted by Julie Tucker

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