Committing to energy efficiency can offer business benefits

Committing to energy efficiency can offer business benefits

Committing to energy efficiency can offer business benefits

Growing numbers of businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits offered by going green.

We talk about this a lot at Aurora. Not only can this improve your firm's image among your more environmentally-conscious clients and lead to positive contributions to the ecosystem, but it can also lead to significant savings and similar business benefits.

This has been demonstrated in Wales, where at least 1,500 private sector jobs have been safeguarded thanks to support and investment for energy efficiency on the part of the national government.

Furthermore, some 30 new roles have been created. This data comes from figures published by the Carbon Trust, which carried out a survey of businesses it has offered support to over the past year.

Major financial savings have also been made as a result of companies going green. An investment of just £2.5 million has led to energy efficiency measures being implemented that have led to more than £116 million of lifetime financial savings for Welsh organisations in the last 12 months.

The Carbon Trust estimates the tally of financial savings achieved thanks to its work now stands at more than £719 million. This significant business benefit comes at the same time as some nine million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions being cut - showing that going green and becoming more financially efficient as a company can go hand-in-hand.

Princes Gate, which has been working with the Carbon Trust and the Welsh government since 2010, specialises in a wide range of projects and underlined the many business benefits offered by going green.

Operations director at the firm Endaf Edwards said the company is really proud of its green credentials, despite it not being a major environmental activist. He said there is a widespread recognition in the firm of the need for sustainable manufacturing - which it delivers on various energy efficiency projects such as LED lighting and low pressure compressed air.

Mr Edwards said this kind of action can help to "ensure future economic viability and to secure our position in the market".

Carbon Trust director of implementation Myles McCarthy recently claimed growing numbers of its clients are looking for new ways to lower their power consumption, suggesting going green is top of the agenda for more businesses than ever before.

General manager of the Carbon Trust's Wales office Mike Batt suggested the combination of governmental support and private investment has been a positive one.

"We know that supporting energy efficiency is one of the best ways to provide a boost to the Welsh economy and make it a more attractive place to do business," he commented, adding: "Continuing investment by the Welsh government into energy efficiency and cutting carbon has delivered a number of lasting benefits, with a value and an impact that far outstrips the cost."

Mr Batt went on to argue that this kind of approach can also serve to make firms more competitive in their various fields, as well as creating new employment opportunities and delivering other business benefits.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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