How to Choose an Office Cleaning Company

How to Choose an Office Cleaning Company

How to Choose an Office Cleaning Company

As a busy office administrator, business owner or facilities manager we appreciate your time is best spent working on your own business tasks. So choosing the right office cleaning company is very important, not only to have a clean and hygienic office, but to have peace of mind that your office cleaner is doing what you have contracted them to do.

This is not an exhaustive list of things to look for, but certainly a good guideline and the minimum you should expect from your office cleaning company.

1. Site Visit – any reputable cleaning company will offer a site visit before giving you a price to clean your office. Every office is different and every client has different expectations, so a site visit is your first priority

2. Tailor Made Solution – every office will be a different size, shape, have different on-site facilities, furniture, carpets, floors and volume of traffic coming through the office. You should have a tailor made cleaning specification that matches your office

3. Cleaning Schedule – once your specification has been created a cleaning schedule detailing tasks to be completed and the frequency of these tasks will be created. An onsite cleaning schedule should be agreed by you the client and a physical copy must be left on-site so you can monitor what is being completed

4. Buying Power – check to see if your cleaning company has good purchasing power for not only cleaning products, but consumables like toilet paper, hand towels and soap, dishwasher tablets etc. Ordering your consumables through your cleaning company can save you money!

5. Other Services – can your cleaning company provide window cleaning, carpet shampoo, floor buffering, deep cleans, refuse/recycling programs? It can save you a lot of time organising such services through one person and can again save you money

6. Environmentally Friendly – find out what products they use, can they recommend recycling programs, are they part of any green initiatives? By engaging an environmentally friendly cleaning company you will meet some of your green objectives by default

7. Testimonials – Do they have long term clients? Ask for testimonials from their existing client base. If a company has these to share, it means they have happy clients

8. Insurance – make sure your cleaning company has both employee and employer liability insurance, to cover any unforeseen circumstances in the workplace

9. Health & Safety – cleaning companies should have health and safety procedures in place for all employees using chemicals, machinery or working at a height, just to name but a few

10. Contract Terms – all companies have the right to evaluate a service such as cleaning, so don’t be afraid to ask for a trial period before signing up long term. A trial period of a month should give you enough time, to make sure both you and the cleaning company are working from the same page. Once satisfied, longer 1-2 year contracts can benefit you with a strong and consistent cleaning team and locking in a set price for the contract duration.


Posted by Jamie Kendell