Prince Charles speech bolsters support for clean energy

Prince Charles speech bolsters support for clean energy

Prince Charles speech bolsters support for clean energy

Comments made by Prince Charles at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York today (September 23rd) serve to demonstrate the comprehensive and growing support all over the world for clean sources of energy.

RenewableUK suggested this is emphasised by the scale of support for the People's Climate Marches that were held in various cities across the globe on September 21st and 22nd.

Prince Charles called for a major scaling up of renewable energy, arguing the battle against climate change will prove to be the defining issue of our times, as well as being a pivotal point in history.

"We cannot meet the climate change challenge unless business and government actively work together," the royal commented, adding: "More and more businesses are supporting the transformative goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions well before the end of the century. Taking action on climate change is neither inherently bad for business nor against economic interests – in fact it is the only rational choice."

Indeed, a paper recently published by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate titled Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report outlined how taking action to tackle climate change can be achieved alongside delivering economic growth.

Companies can get ahead on this kind of action by simply managing their energy consumption more proactively. One way this can be achieved is by switching to environmentally-friendly professional cleaning services. Aurora offers such an option that sees only biodegradable and carbon-free products used to clean premises, which will undoubtedly help to minimise the organisation's impact on the environment.

Chief executive officer of RenewableUK Maria McCaffery said the extent of support for renewables is helping to achieve a momentum that is encouraging companies all over the world to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

She advised politicians to take note of the massive level of support demonstrated at the People's Climate Marches and to integrate policies that would bolster the use of renewables into their manifestos for the general election next year.

Anti-renewable policies were characterised as being significantly out of step with public opinion - and this is particularly the case now that royal endorsement for greener source of power has been forthcoming in the comments made by Prince Charles.

"Prince Charles gets it. The people get it. When will all of our elected representatives at Westminster start to get it too?" Ms McCaffery asked.

The renewable energy trade association chief singled out the UK's wind power sector for praise, as it has already been making substantial - and growing - contributions to the country's energy mix.

It currently accounts for more than 50 per cent of renewable energy generation in the UK, which has helped to create a corresponding reduction in the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

"The UK's carbon dioxide emissions fell between 2012 and 2013," Ms McCaffery commented, adding that the main factor in driving this trend was the steady moving away from fossil fuels.


Posted by William Rodriguez

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