UK data centre cuts energy use with GIB funding

UK data centre cuts energy use with GIB funding

UK data centre cuts energy use with GIB funding

A data centre in the UK run by global bank Citi has received financial support from the government-backed Green Investment Bank (GIB) to help reduce its energy usage.

It was noted this is the first time the GIB has offered its support to a firm based in the financial services sector - and GIB's fund manager Sustainable Development Capital (SDCL) will be administering the fund.

Some £2.6 million will be committed to the projects, which will be matched with a further £2.6 million from private investors.

The finance is set to be used for a project to deliver efficient electricity and cooling the data centre - and it was specified that this will take the form of

a combined cooling and power (CCP) system.

In addition to the installation of this equipment, energy efficient cooling units will be fitted, as well as general efficiency improvements to the building's air conditioning system.

Not only will the project reduce the overall running of building costs for Citi, but it will also serve to curtail its greenhouse gas emissions - and this is the first time the global bank has undertaken such an action in any of its premises.

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Approximately 71 per cent of the electricity needed to power Citi's data centre, which is based in the London borough of Lewisham, will be generated by the new CCP system. This will also provide cooling for the servers housed in the data centre. The firm is currently reliant on a combination of mains electricity from the national grid, as well as back-up diesel generators.

GIB chief executive officer Shaun Kingsbury said he is particularly pleased to be working on a data ce

"This project makes financial sense, reducing Citi's energy costs and makes environmental sense, reducing the data centre's greenhouse gas emissions," he commented, adding: "And because of the innovative investment model, it will involve no upfront capital expenditure for Citi as the cost of the project will be paid for out of the energy cost savings achieved."ntre project, as the IT industry is one of the most energy intensive sectors in the world - second only to aviation.

Jonathan Maxwell, chief executive officer of SDCL, added: "This investment delivers an innovative solution for one of SDCL's core global clients in a critical infrastructure asset."

"This project demonstrates that energy efficiency can deliver a combination of better financial performance, better environmental performance and better infrastructure solutions," he continued.



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